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Lizard Wireless

Amateur Radio Station


The amateur radio station at the Lizard.


In addition to the 1901 display the small Marconi hut has a display of old radio components and headphones. After all it was at the Lizard that the interleaved variable capacitor was refined.

In this adjoining room there is an amateur radio station with the special call sign


LD was the first call sign used by the Lizard Wireless Station before it was changed to GLD and the operators moved to Land’s End in 1913 together with its call sign. Many people thought that GLD stood for LanDs End, not realising that it originally stood for LizarD.

The station has two tranceivers:-

A valve operated Uniden 2000 and a Kenwood 850 both with 100 watts output. Into a W3DZZ aerial in the form of an inverted “V” with a mast on the concrete base used for the original 1901 station.

Radio amateurs are welcome to operate from the site and club visits are also welcome. Special certificates are available for those who operate from GB2LD and it is a station that has real atmosphere and historic interest.

Guests of the Housel Bay Hotel who hold an amateur licence can have special arrangements for operating the site.

The amateur station is managed by the Radio Officers Association and is their official club station of ROARS.




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